Note to Mark Driscoll: Racism Doesn't Evolve from Evolution

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Although he doesn’t believe in Malthusian eugenics now, Mark Driscoll told his The Trinity Church audience on Sunday that he once did. Watch:


Some would say, Pastor Mark, I disagree with you. Let me speak to you very personally. You’re wrong. You’re wrong. Now I know you’re not supposed to say it like that, but if you don’t say it like that, people are confused, so let me make it clear.
I started in a home, my parents were um, Irish Catholic, okay? So we were the O’Driscolls from County Cork, southern Ireland, and Catholics are pro-life. I somehow grew up, and I started studying in high school, and I was a debater, and a thinker, and a bit of a hack philosopher. And I came to actually take not only a pro-choice position, but a pro-abortion position. Forced population controls.
So when Gracie and I met, she came from a pastor’s home, she was strongly pro-life, and I was strongly pro-abortion. And we would have these debates. And we were friends in high school. And she was right, and I won the debates, because I’m a terrible person to debate. My mom said it was like raising a small attorney. That’s what it was like. So I can debate, I can think on my feet, I can articulate a position, and I can win a debate, even when I’m wrong. And so I would win these debates with Grace, and she would get very frustrated, because she was right and I was wrong.
And I came to believe in the position, for a while, end of high school, early college, called Malthusian eugenics. Now if you’ve done your homework, I’ve done mine, too. I probably know your arguments and I could probably argue your arguments. And it comes out of this evolutionary belief that certain people and races are more evolved and fit than others. And that other races are less fit and less evolved, and as a result, we should terminate the life of those who are less fit, so the race can excel.
This Malthusian eugenics position was held by Nazi Germany. This Malthusian eugenics position was held by Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. She was a disciple of Malthus. I read all of their literature, I did my homework, I actually won a high school debate, and a college debate, on this position. I was so good at it, in college, in a large philosophy class, I won the debate, and my professor, who was an African Marxist, asked to mentor me as a student leader for abortion rights.
I did believe for a season, in a full evolutionary ideology, that certain people are more advanced and more valuable than others. We should keep those who are valuable, we should get rid of those who are not valuable, and like all arrogant people, I assumed that I was one of the more valuable evolved ones.
This is why Planned Parenthood puts its clinics historically in poorer neighborhoods to serve certain races, to eliminate certain people from having children and entering the world. You may not have known that, but you can trace the history. Just do your homework. Look at Malthusian eugenics, and look at the history of Margaret Sanger.

I asked a former insider at Mars Hill Church if Driscoll ever mentioned these views. The source had never heard about the debate victories but had heard in general terms about an interest in Malthus. Although he did mention the debates in this Mars Hill Church article, it is a little hard to place when his African Marxist professor wanted to recruit him based on the history he described in Real Marriage.
In any case, I post this because I want to address a misconception about those who accept the scientific foundations of human evolution. Driscoll implies that those who accept an evolutionary account of origins also believe in eugenics.  This, of course, is not true. I accept the evidence for evolution but I certainly don’t believe in eugenics. I work with numerous colleagues here at Grove City College who accept evolution and none of them believe in eugenics.
Holding to an evolutionary account does not require an individual to believe “certain people are more advanced and more valuable than others.” Also, believing God created in six days does not prevent such a belief. I grew up in small town Southern Ohio where many young Earth creationists believed whites were superior to all others.
UPDATE: Wenatchee the Hatchet wonders if Driscoll fully abandoned his Malthusian beliefs. I had forgotten about Driscoll’s quaint “shoot the dogs” strategy of handling underperforming church leaders and strategies. Furthermore, Driscoll’s teachings about demonically inspired “family lines” may reveal left over influence from those Malthusian days. Time will tell if Driscoll continues his Mars Hill mentality at the new church.
UPDATE: I updated the title since some concern was expressed by readers that I focused unnecessarily on Driscoll’s past views. As WtH points out in his post, those views may have infiltrated his current views, but even so, I think the new title (thanks to Ragan Ewing) better captures the reason I posted.

Mark Driscoll Contradicts His Wise Counselor and Governing Board Member Robert Morris Regarding Tithing

Is there trouble in paradise?
Watch (and read about) Mark Driscoll talk about tithing and first fruits.
As of now, Robert Morris provides wise counsel and is on the governing board of Driscoll’s The Trinity Church. Morris believes not tithing to the church is like stealing from God and will lead to the non-tither being cursed. He considers his Blessed Life teaching on tithing to be critical to the Christian life.
Driscoll says on this video is that there is no particular percentage one is required to give. He also said one is not required to give to the church. Driscoll said his family once gave to pay a single mom’s legal bills as a part of their giving.
As it stands, Robert Morris is serving on the governing board of a church where curses are possible because the people are being taught there is no required 10%.
This teaching is tied into Morris’ Christology. He believes Jesus is God’s tithe and because of that, you have to give your 10% to the church before you pay your mortgage or pay any other bills. Watch:

Bring the tithe to the church…
Watch below as Morris in 2011 says that money not given first to God is cursed. He promises a money back guarantee on this teaching. He adds that he is tired of hearing about broken families and lost jobs because they don’t tithe. Apparently, The Trinity Church congregation is at risk if they follow Driscoll’s teaching.

Not tithing is like stealing and opens the door to demons, according to Morris.

Mark Driscoll: Worship God with Your Wallet to Put Content on My Website

Yesterday, Mark Driscoll continued his Jonah sermon series at The Trinity Church in Scottsdale AZ. The series is interesting and has provides some additional tidbits of information for those interested in the implosion of Mars Hill Church. I will get to that in future posts. For now, I want to point out a new innovation for The Trinity Church, or at least it seems different than how Mars Hill did it.
Yesterday, Driscoll exhorted his new flock to “worship God with our wallet, we’ll give unto the Lord so that the message of Jesus goes forth.” Watch:

Now what is interesting is how that Jesus message is going forth. When you go to The Trinity Church’s website to watch the message, and click the “Watch” tab, one is taken to And of course if you want to give anything, you can give to Mark Driscoll Ministries, a separate non-profit. As it is right now, The Trinity Church website is a feeder for Mark Driscoll’s personal ministry. Watch:

At Mars Hill Church, Driscoll crafted a policy which gave him the rights to all of his sermons with the church allowed to stream them. At the new church, all of the sermon content will be available through

Each Sunday that I am in the pulpit, we will live-stream the sermon portion of the service at Our services start at 9 AM and 10:45 AM, and the sermon starts roughly fifteen minutes into the sermon.

He adds that sermons will be posted to his personal ministry website starting in November (link to sign up).  He says that many, but not all, sermons will be given away.
Time will tell how much Driscoll will monetize his sermons and work as pastor of The Trinity Church. For now, the church appears to be providing a suitable platform for his personal rebranding.

Mark Driscoll Launches The Trinity Church (VIDEO)

Our roving reporter Deana Holmes tells me that 162 cars were in the parking lot for today’s launch of The Trinity Church in Scottsdale AZ (170 for the second service). Security was on hand along with a television crew from Seattle’s King 5 (Scroll to the bottom for the video segment).  Apparently, they still remember the former Mars Hill Church pastor.
The worship team was provided courtesy of Amarillo, TX church Trinity Fellowship. Kind of a theme.
Driscoll was pastor of Mars Hill Church until he resigned in October 2014.  He and the church had been kicked out of the Acts 29 Network and suffered a severe decline of attendance after several questionable financial details were revealed. He had committed to a plan of restoration developed by his elders but said God told him a trap had been set for him and that he was released from Mars Hill.  Long interested in Phoenix, Driscoll moved the family with plans to plant a church not long after he resigned from Mars Hill.
The Trinity Church twitter feed provides a look inside the first service.

The King 5 reporter Josh Green tweeted some pics, including one of Deana.

Trinity church bouncy
trinity church sign
trinity church close

The King 5 report is here.

Getting Pumped for the Launch of The Trinity Church!

Hey all you guys and gals in the greater Phoenix area, get ready for the big launch of The Trinity Church.
The backstory on Phoenix is that Mars Hill Church had a church location there before Mars Hill closed down. When the church was viable, Driscoll complained to his inner circle that he disliked the drab Seattle climate and wanted to be in the sunshine. The church even rented a house for Driscoll to use as a get away in Southern California which he was still pastor at Mars Hill. Phoenix has been on the radar for quite awhile.

Prior to Official Launch, Mark Driscoll's The Trinity Church Is on the Hook for $2.5 Million in Building Debt

Apparently Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church will pay nearly $2.5 million for the Glass and Garden Church in Scottsdale, AZ. Although appraised at about ten times that amount, the church is making payments to the church on two loans.
Read the Deed of Trust.
All of the details are not here, but it looks like the church may not have put much up front but instead has promised to pay the full amount over time to the owner. If the church defaults, the Glass and Garden Church take over. Part of the reduced price may be because the church may only have purchased the building and not all of the land originally a part of the lot.
Any The Trinity Church attenders reading here: Were you aware of this?

Pastors School Is Coming to The Trinity Church in November

Want to know what to do this winter? Head to Scottsdale, AZ and go to Pastors School with Mark Driscoll, Jimmy Evans, Robert Morris, Brady Boyd and Jimmy Witcher

You too can build a healthy church in just three days.

Mark Driscoll's The Trinity Church Buys a Million Dollar Mid-Century Modern Home

If Driscoll and Co. paid the building’s appraised value, they are one rich start up church.
Here’s the purchase announcement:
trinity church announcement

Hey everyone! I have a really exciting announcement. We have officially purchased our historic church home in Scottsdale, Arizona!
Every family needs a home, and this one is a wonderful fit for our church family.
I am so thankful for all the hard work from the many volunteers that has already gone into getting this 50-year-old mid-century modern church home ready for our public launch on August 7th at 9am and 10:45am. We still have a lot of work to do. Just this week we had the exterior painted back to the period correct colors that originally adorned the building. It looks amazing!
I’m also very grateful for the generous donations from not only from The Trinity Church family but also from friends of The Trinity Church that just want to help support this new Church plant. It’s your generosity that has helped to make this happen, and to each one of you, I’m very humbled and grateful. Thank You!
We are nearing the public launch and still have some work to do and some money to raise (you can give HERE), but God has proven faithful every step of the way, so we trust in His continued provision.
Your Rejoicing and Grateful Pastor,​
Pastor Mark Driscoll

According to The Trinity Church website, the governing board would have made the decision. That board consists of Driscoll, Randal Taylor, Jimmie Evans, and Robert Morris. As with Mars Hill, things just happen with no explanation. Money just shows up.
The appraised value in tax year 2017 is $21-million. I wonder how much came from The Trinity Church and how much came from rich benefactors.
Thanks to Deana Holmes for the tip.

Mark Driscoll Files Motion to Dismiss Racketeering Lawsuit

DriscollBuildingClaiming he has not been served, Mark Driscoll filed a motion to dismiss the racketeering lawsuit against him and former Mars Hill executive pastor Sutton Turner brought by former members of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Two couples from the church allege misuse of funds.
Like Turner’s motion to dismiss, Driscoll appeals to rules of procedure requiring service of a lawsuit in 90 days. The essential claim of the motion is that the Jacobsens and Kildeas have abandoned the suit.
Driscoll claims his whereabouts are well known.
After Turner filed his motion, I asked attorney Brian Fahling for a comment with no reply.
Driscoll plans to launch his new church The Trinity Church in Scottsdale on August 7.

Mark Driscoll's Scottsdale Church to Launch August 7

Although a group of people has been meeting in Scottsdale, AZ for several weeks, the official launch of Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church has been slated (“penciled in”) for August 7, 2016.
According to this video (click through to watch), the church still has to get some design elements in place. The plans sound pretty ambitious. It is not clear that the building isn’t viewed as temporary. The building’s “mid-century modern” style figures prominently in the “groovy” church. His launch announcement is a 7:30 into the clip.
In addition to the video, here is what Driscoll says about the launch (written message accompanying the video):

We are in our core launch team phase gearing up for our public opening this fall around the time that school begins. Right now, we have a family style Bible study with the kids present every Sunday at 9:30 am. If you are interested in our church launch, you are welcome to join us. This week Pastor Mark continues his series in 1 John: The Father Heart of God. We will be in 1 John 4:1-6 if you want to read ahead.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all that have been helping at our work parties. You have put in over 1000 hours helping us prepare our building for the public launch. We ave enjoyed meeting and working alongside some wonderful hard working people.
This weekend in observance of Memorial day we will not be having a work party on Saturday or Sunday after the Bible study. Lets take a much needed break and also take some time to pray for our military men and women and their families as well as veterans. We appreciate your service and want to honor you.If you attend the Bible study this Sunday we want to give you a gift.
After the Bible study this Sunday we will have an “Ice Cream Sunday” with lots of toppings and bouncy houses blown up for the kids.
In the next month or so, we hope to have our kids ministry building ready to start childrens ministry in the “backyard”. After that, our plan is to have the main room that we call the “living room” ready for church services including the worship band and singing as we gear up for two morning church services. For that to happen, we are giving the old room a fresh makeover in keeping with the midcentury modern Brady Bunch vibe. Yes, it’s groovy.
Thank you to everyone who has given of your finances, prayers, and service. It’s amazing to see how much can get done when hard working people pull together for the cause of Jesus Christ!

Maybe The Trinity Church can get these guys back together for the big launch.