John Catanzaro Speaks Out About His Cancer Vaccines; Mars Hill Church Is Silent

As reported last week, the license of Mark Driscoll’s naturopath, John Catanzaro was suspended by the Washington State Department of Health. According to the complaint, Catanzaro uses unapproved vaccines to treat cancer. Soon after the complaint was filed, Mars Hill Church removed all of the articles written by Catanzaro from the Resurgence website.
Now, Catanzaro has responded indirectly to the controversy. In an article on his website, he defends his approach by citing Frank Zappa and what he claims is an illustration of a successful use of the vaccines.  Regarding the use of the vaccine with one patient, Catanzaro wrote:

She did have very mild reactions from the chemo, but they were minimal because of the immune support. The immune support did not compromise her chemo regimen it enhanced its effectiveness. I considered this a success!

This is a very delicate topic. On one hand, you have Catanzaro and a cadre of satisfied patients who seem to view the vaccine treatment as integral to their successful battle against cancer. On the other hand, the mainstream medical community has a wonderful track record of advances against the disease via careful research and clinical trials. In my reporting on this subject, I do not mean to seem critical of anyone who is trying to do the best they know how to do.
In a future post (possibly today, maybe tomorrow), I want to present some information which can provide full disclosure for those considering vaccine treatments from naturopaths or other off-the-grid providers. The Mars Hill approach of just removing materials without comment (I have asked) and pretending that John Catanzaro never existed or was not promoted at MHC seems less than helpful. My understanding from anonymous sources I trust is that Catanzaro’s treatments costs thousands of dollars and were provided to senior staff at MHC as a benefit of employment. Now, he is a non-entity.  Mark Driscoll recommended Catanzaro and promoted the bogus diagnosis of adrenal fatigue as recently as this month in Christianity Today. Now, he is gone from the Resurgence website.
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Naturopathic Doctor Touted By Mark Driscoll Suspended Over Experimental Cancer Vaccine

This story is interesting to me not so much because of the relationship between Driscoll and the naturopath, but because of Mars Hill’s response to the news out yesterday.
John Catanzaro is a naturopath with an office in Bothell, WA.  According to this blogger (who apparently was/is using one of the vaccines), Mark Driscoll has “sung praises” of Catanzaro. However, according to a complaint from the WA Department of Health, Catanzaro promotes unapproved cancer vaccines he has developed in his clinic. This practice led to his suspension, announced in this news report.
Driscoll wrote the Foreward to Catanzaro’s book on marijuana:

With the legalization of marijuana in Washington State I wrote a free ebook on the issue theologically and pastorally. I did not address the medical issues because that was beyond my scope of expertise. However, my doctor and friend Dr. John Catanzaro of Health and Wellness Institute was kind enough to research the medical aspects of marijuana usage and write them up. We genuinely hope this helps Christians make wise decisions and provide wise counsel especially parents and ministry leaders.
-Mark Driscoll, Pastor Mars Hill Church

By calling Catanzaro “my doctor,” this recommendation seems to indicate that Catanzaro is a physician. Catanzaro has written over 18 posts for Mars Hill Church’s The Resurgence website but the articles are now missing (Catanzaro’s bio and article list are still available on Google cache).  For instance, there is a series of articles on eastern practices and Christianity (now gone from The Resurgence website), and others on healthy pastors (e.g., this one on Google cache but not on the website).
Perhaps the church is warning the congregation in another way, but it seems odd to simply remove all references to Catanzaro with no explanation.
Catanzaro’s website video is now private.
This is not the first rodeo for Mr. Catanzaro and the Washington Department of Health.
Here is another video with description of the vaccines near the end of the clip.