Another controversy opens a NARTH conference

Just over three years ago, I decided not to make a planned presentation to the annual conference of the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. At the same time, friend and colleague Dr. David Blakeslee resigned from the NARTH Scientific Advisory Board. We decided to take these actions in response to NARTH’s slow and, … Continue reading “Another controversy opens a NARTH conference”

Mother Jones (sort of) hearts NARTH

Me to my blog – “I wish I knew how to quit you!” Can’t really leave this one alone. Mother Jones has a lengthy piece which discusses sexual identity, sexual orientation change, NARTH, and Lisa Diamond. Titled, “Gay By Choice? The Science of Sexual Identity” by Gary Greenberg, the article explores the politics of biological … Continue reading “Mother Jones (sort of) hearts NARTH”

CNN segment on Ted Haggard

I may add some additional comments later but I wanted to post the transcript of the Anderson Cooper CNN segment (scroll a bit over half way down the page) this evening regarding Ted Haggard’s rehabilitation. The report was quite interesting with several points worthy of discussion. I felt Alan’s tone and responses were reasonable and … Continue reading “CNN segment on Ted Haggard”

Year in review – Top ten stories from 2006

As much for my own reference and recollection as anything else, I compiled this top ten list of stories from 2006. Since I am the only voter, the list is subjective and regular readers might arrange them differently or think I should have included another story over one of these. I am interested to hear … Continue reading “Year in review – Top ten stories from 2006”

Top ten posts, by number of comments, 2006

I am working on a post summarizing the highlights for the year and in so doing reviewed the number of comments each post received. And here they are: Top ten posts with number of comments in parentheses: 1. Alan Colmes radio show: Wayne Besen vs. Richard Cohen (76) 2. Ex-ex-gay? (53) 3. Big day at … Continue reading “Top ten posts, by number of comments, 2006”

NARTH news update

I spoke with Dave Pruden this evening and asked him about the recent changes at NARTH. Dave was quite open about some changes that were announced at the conference. He noted that Dr. Nicolosi’s term as NARTH president will actually end at the 2007 conference in Dallas. At that time, president-elect Byrd will assume the … Continue reading “NARTH news update”

I am not attending the NARTH conference; Dr. Blakeslee resigns

Call me crazy but I have decided not to present the Sexual Identity Therapy Guidelines at the NARTH conference in November. In addition to other reasons, I am in disbelief that the leadership of NARTH has not come out against the article by Gerald Schoenewolf regarding political correctness. I fear that this is a cloud … Continue reading “I am not attending the NARTH conference; Dr. Blakeslee resigns”

Palm Springs Unity Rally Spokesperson Misleads Readers

Claire Jordan Grant, in an op-ed today, again misleads readers by saying Dr. Joseph Berger’s article regarding gender variant kids was published/written by Love Won Out/Focus on the Family. This is an extension of her false claim on the Unity Rally website about the Schoenewolf article. Ex-gay Watch agreed that the false claim should be … Continue reading “Palm Springs Unity Rally Spokesperson Misleads Readers”

The Unity Rally Website Gets It Wrong Again

On the front page of the Palm Springs Unity Rally website, this statement is made: Stand with us against prejudice in our home. Love Won Out, a Focus on the Family-sponsored group, will hold a conference on Saturday, September 23, in Indian Wells to encourage parents of gay children, or those who believe their children … Continue reading “The Unity Rally Website Gets It Wrong Again”

Palm Springs Unity Rally Website Gets It Wrong

The Unity Rally website refers to my entry below about Dr. Schoenewolf’s article on political correctness but misrepresents me and the relationship (as I understand it) between NARTH and Focus on the Family. The website attempts to link the article by Dr. Schoenewolf with Focus on the Family by claiming that “Love Won Out, NARTH … Continue reading “Palm Springs Unity Rally Website Gets It Wrong”