Edge Boston on ex-gays

The gay publication, Edge Boston, is in the midst of a 4 part series on ex-gays and religion. Today’s article recounts both ex-gay and ex-ex-gay narratives. The series covers some familiar ground but goes into depth with interviews of some people who also comment here. UPDATE: 7/20/07 — The article originally stated that Michael Bussee … Continue reading “Edge Boston on ex-gays”

Ex-ex-gays make public statements

This has been widely reported by now but the AP has a story making the rounds that report statements by Michael Bussee, Jeremy Marks, and Darlene Bogle lamenting their work in ex-gay ministries. Actually, this is old news as Michael has been ex-ex for a long time, Darlene since 1990 and Jeremy since 2000. What … Continue reading “Ex-ex-gays make public statements”

LA Times article features ex-gay debate and sexual identity therapy

NOTE: This article is archived here now…  This morning’s LA Times pulls together a host of factors to suggest that there is “New ground in debate on ‘curing’ gays.” Written by Stephanie Simon, the article cites or quotes numerous sources as evidence that changes are happening in the dialogue regarding sexual orientation, ministry and therapy. … Continue reading “LA Times article features ex-gay debate and sexual identity therapy”

Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-gay Movement

I just finished watching the new DVD, Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-gay Movement, created by the Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists. The DVD features three ex-ex-gay people and a mother of a young woman who committed suicide, with the implication that the suicide was directly due to her ex-gay involvement. The video intermingled footage … Continue reading “Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-gay Movement”

Year in review – Top ten stories from 2006

As much for my own reference and recollection as anything else, I compiled this top ten list of stories from 2006. Since I am the only voter, the list is subjective and regular readers might arrange them differently or think I should have included another story over one of these. I am interested to hear … Continue reading “Year in review – Top ten stories from 2006”

Top ten posts, by number of comments, 2006

I am working on a post summarizing the highlights for the year and in so doing reviewed the number of comments each post received. And here they are: Top ten posts with number of comments in parentheses: 1. Alan Colmes radio show: Wayne Besen vs. Richard Cohen (76) 2. Ex-ex-gay? (53) 3. Big day at … Continue reading “Top ten posts, by number of comments, 2006”

Feedback on Salon article: 80% of Exodus Founders are still straight

Here is a quote from the Salon article regarding the founders of Exodus International: “Besen tracks down a dizzying array of former ex-gayleaders who later came out of the closet for good, including the two founders of Exodus.” This is not true. Only one of the founders are gay today (Michael Bussee). His partner (Gary … Continue reading “Feedback on Salon article: 80% of Exodus Founders are still straight”