Houston Press: A new retreat for the Mankind Project

Chris Vogel has an article in the Houston Press which follows up the settlement of the Scinto wrongful death lawsuit. Near the end of the article, Mr. Vogel quotes my blog post where I provide details of the settlement. I continue to believe the remedies are minimal and much more disclosure should be made to … Continue reading “Houston Press: A new retreat for the Mankind Project”

Records temporarily sealed in Scinto vs. Mankind Project

Last Friday (6/6/08), a Harris County, TX judge partially granted a motion to seal the Scinto wrongful death case. The Mankind Project wanted the case marked confidential and the Exhibit A removed from the settlement document. Exhibit A spelled out changes agreed to by MKP which I reported here last week. As it stands now, … Continue reading “Records temporarily sealed in Scinto vs. Mankind Project”

Mankind Project of Houston settles wrongful death lawsuit; some mental health oversight required

Some months ago, I reported extensively on the Mankind Project with attention to their signature program, the New Warriors Training Adventure. My interest in MKP and NWTA was provoked by a Houston Press article detailing the suicide of Michael Scinto. Mr. Scinto had attended a NWTA and reported distress thereafter. His parents Kathy and Ralph … Continue reading “Mankind Project of Houston settles wrongful death lawsuit; some mental health oversight required”

UK Scouting Association issues advisory about Mankind Project

A reader recently pointed me to an entry on Rick Ross’s forum indicating that the Mankind Project had been banned from Scout camps in the UK. Here is the entry from the forum: SeekingTruth Quote:Half_pint The campsite in question is Kibblestone, in Stafforshire, just down the road from Stone. Scout sites such as that are often booked by non Scout groups … Continue reading “UK Scouting Association issues advisory about Mankind Project”

Mankind Project and Recovered Memories

I recently came across this account of how methods used in the Mankind Project activities (New Warriors Training Adventure and Integration Groups) might stimulate participants to reconstruct memories of abuse. It is long so I am going to post a link to the document with excerpts here. I have permission from the author who wishes to … Continue reading “Mankind Project and Recovered Memories”

Mankind Project technique: Bucketing, Part Two, “Killing Daddy”

Yesterday, I posted a portion of a manual published by the Mankind Project for leaders of the Integration Groups (I-Groups). I excerpted a portion of an exercise called “bucketing” where one may include another man as a stand-in for an issue one has with another man. While this technique might be of some benefit with … Continue reading “Mankind Project technique: Bucketing, Part Two, “Killing Daddy””

Mankind Project technique – “Bucketing,” Part One

In the last week or so, I have been reading many emails and comments from men who felt positive and negative about their New Warrors Training Adventure and Integration Group experiences. Via some searching I found a manual for the I-groups from 2005 that describes a variety of techniques for leading I-groups. Some of these sound very … Continue reading “Mankind Project technique – “Bucketing,” Part One”

Mankind Project position statements on therapy

In response to my request, Mankind Project Executive Director, Carl Griesser yesterday emailed the MKP’s position statement on reparative therapy. He also confirmed the accuracy of a position paper I found online which addresses the question of whether New Warriors is therapy. You can read each statement by clicking the links below. Reparative therapy and MKP … Continue reading “Mankind Project position statements on therapy”

Another Reparative Therapist Unrepairs

David Matheson was a well known defender and practitioner of reparative therapy for many years. He founded Journey Into Manhood with Rich Wyler. JIM was inspired by New Warriors Training Weekend and the Manhood Project. The Manhood Project and their weekend getaways came to the public eye after several bad experiences by several men who … Continue reading “Another Reparative Therapist Unrepairs”

Reparative Therapy Information

Reparative therapy information I have done several articles and numerous posts on reparative drive theory and related issues. This page serves to bring those together in one place. The format for now will provide the link and a brief explanation of the post or article. I Am Not a Reparative Therapist – This article was controversial … Continue reading “Reparative Therapy Information”