APA resolution on religion and psychology

At the San Francisco convention, the American Psychological Association passed a resolution regarding the relationship between religion and psychological practice and research. I have posted it elsewhere on the blog for your review. Here I am going to pull out some points relevant to our discussions on sexual identity. It is important for psychology as … Continue reading “APA resolution on religion and psychology”

Investigative journal article examines Michael Bailey controversy

Michael Bailey of Northwestern University is one of the key sexuality researchers of the last 20 years. Since publication, his book The Man Who Would Be Queen has been at the center of controversy. Specific allegations of personal and research impropriety have been leveled against Dr. Bailey, all of which he has denied. The upcoming … Continue reading “Investigative journal article examines Michael Bailey controversy”

San Francisco: A nice place to visit

My heart is safe but this beautiful spot on earth has my attention. I am blogging from a little cafe in Sausalito and have had a nice day. Through the miracle of wireless, I have been able to work most of the morning and see sights through the afternoon. Perhaps it says something about me … Continue reading “San Francisco: A nice place to visit”

Psychologists to review stance on gays: AP article

David Crary of the AP has an article out today about the APA task force on sexual orientation policies. In this article, David Crary refers to a letter signed by numerous Christian groups and individuals. I am attaching the letter and signers. This is a broad spectrum of people agreeing to only what is written … Continue reading “Psychologists to review stance on gays: AP article”

Christian Post reports on changing focus

This morning, the Christian Post’s Lillian Kwon writes about the spate of recent articles on changes in sexual identity ministries and therapy. Note that the article frames the issues in terms of change (life?, sexual orientation?) but gets around to including most of the recent news reports involving Exodus and the “ex-gay controversy.” Of late, … Continue reading “Christian Post reports on changing focus”

Alan Chambers on CNN’s The Situation Room

What a difference a day (seems to) makes. First, the LA Times article and then this afternoon, Alan Chambers appeared on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Apparently stimulated by the LA Times article, CNN’s Mary Snow interviewed Alan about the term ex-gay and what is meant by change. Jack Drescher was on briefly to … Continue reading “Alan Chambers on CNN’s The Situation Room”

CNN segment on Ted Haggard

I may add some additional comments later but I wanted to post the transcript of the Anderson Cooper CNN segment (scroll a bit over half way down the page) this evening regarding Ted Haggard’s rehabilitation. The report was quite interesting with several points worthy of discussion. I felt Alan’s tone and responses were reasonable and … Continue reading “CNN segment on Ted Haggard”

Palm Springs Unity Rally Website Gets It Wrong

The Unity Rally website refers to my entry below about Dr. Schoenewolf’s article on political correctness but misrepresents me and the relationship (as I understand it) between NARTH and Focus on the Family. The website attempts to link the article by Dr. Schoenewolf with Focus on the Family by claiming that “Love Won Out, NARTH … Continue reading “Palm Springs Unity Rally Website Gets It Wrong”

APA president speaks about a client’s right to self-determination

In a Q&A today at the American Psychological Association convention in New Orleans, APA president Gerald Koocher was asked about a client’s right to seek therapy to modify same-sex attraction. He reportedly said (and I am seeking confirmation from the APA) that clients may seek psychotherapy to affirm their religious values even if that meant … Continue reading “APA president speaks about a client’s right to self-determination”

Genetics and stigmatization

From the Journal of Health and Social Behavior (Dec., 2005), pp. 307-22 comes this interesting abstract: Title: Geneticization of deviant behavior and consequences for stigma: the case of mental illness. Author: Phelan JC. of the Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, Department of Sociomedical Sciences, 722 W. 168th Street, New York, NY 10032, USA. … Continue reading “Genetics and stigmatization”