David Barton’s bad media day

No TGIF for David Barton last week. First, the Wall Street Journal published a book review of The Jefferson Lies by Alan Pell Crawford which briefly takes apart the book. Crawford begins by agreeing with Barton that Jefferson’s connection to his slave Sally Hemming’s children has not been established. However, from there on, the review identifies … Continue reading “David Barton’s bad media day”

Getting Jefferson Right: Fact Checking Claims About Our Third President

That is the title of an upcoming eBook I am publishing on Amazon.com along with fellow Grove City College professor of political science, Michael Coulter. We are greatly expanding the posts I did here examining and debunking claims by David Barton and others about Thomas Jefferson. Most of the book is new material and examines … Continue reading “Getting Jefferson Right: Fact Checking Claims About Our Third President”

Thomas Jefferson, civil government and religion

David Barton will be coming out with a book called The Jefferson Lies next spring. I noted here that he is skilled at spreading them which will make the book entertaining at the least. As a service in the effort at offsetting lies about Thomas Jefferson, I thought it might be helpful to point Barton … Continue reading “Thomas Jefferson, civil government and religion”