NARTH 2010: Schoenewolf returns

About this time four years ago, I was debating about whether to attend the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) conference. I was scheduled to talk about the Sexual Identity Therapy framework. However, I decided not to go (and Scientific Advisory Board member, David Blakeslee, resigned from NARTH) after a controversy broke out over an article on the … Continue reading “NARTH 2010: Schoenewolf returns”

LA Times reports on NARTH, Schoenewolf controversies

This morning, LA Times’ Stephanie Simon reports on the controversies with NARTH. Alan Chambers is quoted and draws a distinction between how NARTH has handled things and how Exodus would. Here is a portion: One of NARTH’s scientific advisors has quit in protest, and a prominent therapist has canceled his presentation at the group’s annual … Continue reading “LA Times reports on NARTH, Schoenewolf controversies”

“I expected people to take issue” – Schoenewolf

In light of Dr. Schoenewolf’s accusations that Brentin Mock, reporter for the Southern Poverty Law Center twisted his words in the SPLC article, Mr. Mock wrote to tell a little more about his interview with Dr. Schoenewolf. Mr. Mock asked Dr. Schoenewolf this question: “What exactly did you mean by the paragraph in which you … Continue reading ““I expected people to take issue” – Schoenewolf”

Dr. Schoenewolf speaks out: Political correctness gone amok

Responding to controversy surrounding his writings on political correctness, Gerald Schoenewolf was interviewed by an anonymous writer for an article on the NARTH website. In an article titled: Political Correctness Gone Amok: The Latest Controversy, Schoenewolf criticizes the recent report by Brentin Mock of the Southern Poverty Law Center. He blames Mock for twisting his … Continue reading “Dr. Schoenewolf speaks out: Political correctness gone amok”

The Schoenewolf controversy: Afterthoughts on the apology

It has now been nearly a month since the beginning of the controversy over the article by Gerald Schoenewolf (Gay rights and political correctness: A brief history). Apparently, NARTH is finished with the issue since they issued what they are calling an apology. I have continued to research one of the central tenets of the … Continue reading “The Schoenewolf controversy: Afterthoughts on the apology”

NARTH regrets the Schoenewolf “comments…misconstrued”

NARTH today issued the following apology today in relation to the Schoenewolf article… NARTH Apologizes For Article NARTH regrets the comments made by Dr. Schoenwolf about slavery which have been misconstrued by some of our readers. It should go without saying that we do not wish to minimize the suffering of those who have been … Continue reading “NARTH regrets the Schoenewolf “comments…misconstrued””

NARTH blog updates response to Schoenewolf controversy

Sojourneer, the anonymous blog administrator at the Narth blog has revised his/her statement about the Schoenewolf article controversy: I am going to revise my comments on the Schoenwolf article. Many people have misinterpreted my defense of Schoenwolf, as speaking for Narth. I do not speak for Narth and any comments I have made on the … Continue reading “NARTH blog updates response to Schoenewolf controversy”

Political correctness and the Schoenewolf controversy

Several brief reactions to the Schoenewolf article regarding political correctness: Dr. Schoenewolf defines PC as 1) an ideology, 2) a culture, 3) a philosophy, 4) a lifestyle and 5) an extension of Marxist thought. He then discusses civil rights, feminism and gay rights as if they all are in the same intellectual tradition. This to … Continue reading “Political correctness and the Schoenewolf controversy”

Dr. Gerald Schoenewolf’s article on political correctness

Well, this issue seems to be picking up some steam. Here is an article about it. The article by Dr. Schoenewolf is here; so let’s talk. UPDATE: NARTH responds to criticism over the article on their blog: Michael and others, regarding Gerald Schoenewolf, Ph.D. Michael, you are trying to discredit Narth by attacking individual members. … Continue reading “Dr. Gerald Schoenewolf’s article on political correctness”