Exodus files ethics complaint against Alicia Salzer over Montel Show comments

<img src='/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/exodus-press-release.thumbnail.JPG' alt='' align="left" hspace="10" Vspace="10"/Alan Chambers and Exodus have filed an ethics complaint against television psychiatrist Alicia Salzer. Actually the complaint was filed some weeks ago but Exodus has received no reply from the APA. Dr. Salzer works for Montel Williams and in that role took part in a controversial March 15 episode titled … Continue reading “Exodus files ethics complaint against Alicia Salzer over Montel Show comments”

Montel Williams, Dr. Salzer and Abomination

During the Montel Williams Show called Homosexuality…Can it be cured?, Dr. Alicia Salzer said in response to Alan Chambers: …science has shown us that 96% of people cannot change and along the way, absorb an enormous amount of self-loathing, a lot of confusion, a lot of family conflict, so I know the harm. Surprised that … Continue reading “Montel Williams, Dr. Salzer and Abomination”

Accurate public statements: A Montel post-mortem

Since last Thursday’s Montel Williams Show, I have called show producers and emailed the show several times asking them for research to support a statement made by psychiatrist Alicia Salzer in reference first to Alan Chambers’ story and then to change therapies in general. She said: This is marketing; this is not science: Science has … Continue reading “Accurate public statements: A Montel post-mortem”

Montel Williams Show on sexual reorientation

Montel’s episode Homosexuality…Can it be cured? aired this morning. I will be adding to this post through the day but I can offer a few reactions. Reparative therapy was a term used repeatedly but never precisely. It stood for everything ever done in the name of sexual orientation change – from electroshock to exorcisms. In … Continue reading “Montel Williams Show on sexual reorientation”

Montel Williams revisits sexual reorientation

By now, it is no secret. The Montel Williams Show on Thursday, March 15, will devote the whole hour to a show they’ve titled: HOMOSEXUALITY…CAN IT BE CURED? Click the link to read the description of the show. Guests include: Mike Jones, Lance Carroll, Alan Chambers, Richard Cohen, Peterson Toscano, and Dr. Alicia Salzer (the … Continue reading “Montel Williams revisits sexual reorientation”