Post-mortem on the Obama-McClurkin dust up

The conservative Weekly Standard provides some dandy analysis of the Obama-McClurkin episode. Surprising to me is the writer Dean Barnett’s reference to McClurkin as “semi-gay.” Now we have yet another term to add to the collection, albeit not one that is likely catch on. Guess you can color him skeptical. .

Obama a no-show; McClurkin cheered

This AP article gives a report from the Embrace the Change concert in South Carolina. According those on the scene, McClurkin was featured and presented his beliefs near the end of the concert. My guess is he will get points from African-Americans in South Carolina but he will lose the state. Obama says his staff … Continue reading “Obama a no-show; McClurkin cheered”

McClurkin supports Obama; says he has been misunderstood

To the Chicago tribune, Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin says he met up with Obama at an Oprah gathering and liked what he heard from the Senator. “I believe in his stance. I believe in his platform and his agenda. So when they asked me if I would be a part of it, there was no … Continue reading “McClurkin supports Obama; says he has been misunderstood”

Besen to Obama: Don’t embrace the change, drop McClurkin

Americablog and Wayne Besen have managed to whip the Obama “Embrace the Change” Gospel Tour into an AP story today. I wrote Donnie McClurkin to ask him if he had changed his views on gay rights with no reply as yet. I also wonder if he is an Obama supporter — which would be a … Continue reading “Besen to Obama: Don’t embrace the change, drop McClurkin”

Ex-gay Donnie McClurkin to tour with Barack Obama

The New York Times political blog (prob a must read for about the next year) is reporting that Barack Obama will woo religious conservatives with a gospel music concert series. I wonder if there will be any GLB fallout from Donnie McClurkin’s presence? I have no interest in Obama as a candidate, but if I … Continue reading “Ex-gay Donnie McClurkin to tour with Barack Obama”

Ex-gay ministry may have been casualty of political endorsement

First, the Donnie McClurkin kerfuffle and now the Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell endorsement. That is not a sentence, but I’ll bet a few Barack Obama supporters muttered that and more after it was recently learned that Rev. Caldwell’s church promoted Metanoia (ex-gay) Ministry on it’s church website. In a article, Rev. Caldwell said this about the … Continue reading “Ex-gay ministry may have been casualty of political endorsement”