Equality Rider: “I am not a sinner”

From a Gay365.com article regarding Equality Ride’s visit to the media, I mean campus of Union University: Dawn Davridge said that she and her partner, Kathryn Davridge, were expelled from Union two years ago after administrators found out they are lesbians; and in a relationship. “I fell in love with my best friend,” Davridge told … Continue reading “Equality Rider: “I am not a sinner””

More on Equality Ride and Regent University

In an email Mark Yarhouse, detailed his account of the E Ride visit: We had Equality Ride come to the campus on Monday and Tuesday. The university had made arrangements to hold three forums with ER: one meeting in one of my classes, one panel discussion, and one training through the institute I direct. However, … Continue reading “More on Equality Ride and Regent University”

Equality Ride: Starting a dialogue? Part Two

Here is a press release from SoulForce about Regent University. In contrast to this release, I had a conversation with Mark Yarhouse at Regent today about several matters and in the process he let me know that he was disappointed about how Equality Ride has misreprented Regent. He was looking forward to having some of … Continue reading “Equality Ride: Starting a dialogue? Part Two”

Equality Ride: Starting a dialogue?

Imagine you’re a liberal democrat and your conservative republican neighbor calls and says, “Hey, we are coming over to your house next Tuesday in order to dialogue with your kids about the benefits of conservativism.” Your neighbors say they will drop in sometime that day and leave a copy of God and George Bush by … Continue reading “Equality Ride: Starting a dialogue?”

The Prequel to the Equality Ride: Asuza Pacific University

The Soulforce Equality Ride cometh. Asuza Pacific Univ. scheduled a prequel to their upcoming visit by the Soulforce crew on March 1, 2006 to coincide with their annual common day of learning. I was originally scheduled to go but had a conflict here and had to back out. Randy Thomas gives a report…

Year in review – Top ten stories from 2006

As much for my own reference and recollection as anything else, I compiled this top ten list of stories from 2006. Since I am the only voter, the list is subjective and regular readers might arrange them differently or think I should have included another story over one of these. I am interested to hear … Continue reading “Year in review – Top ten stories from 2006”

Reparative Therapy Pioneer Joseph Nicolosi, Dead at 70

I was saddened just now to read in the Daily Beast that Joe Nicolosi died suddenly early this morning.  The Beast cited the Facebook page of Nicolosi’s clinic, the Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic in Encino, CA for the news. According to the note, posted earlier this afternoon: We are deeply saddened and shocked to announce … Continue reading “Reparative Therapy Pioneer Joseph Nicolosi, Dead at 70”

More on God and Hillary Clinton: Interview with historian Paul Kengor

In light of the attention given to Paul Kengor’s new book, God and Hillary Clinton: A Spiritual Life, I asked Paul some questions to go a little deeper into topics of interest to readers. Of course, the fullest treatment of these issues comes from the book, but Paul here provides more depth on the reports … Continue reading “More on God and Hillary Clinton: Interview with historian Paul Kengor”