The return of Donnie Davies

Can he recapture the magic? Donnie Davies has been in a quiet season but is back with a new video and he says a whole new album is ready for release. Donnie Davies – Take My Hand from Donnie Davies on Vimeo. Donnie broke on the scene back in January of 2007 and had lots … Continue reading “The return of Donnie Davies”

Donnie Davies gets a gig

Like a bad penny, Donnie Davies turns up again. He and Evening Service are playing a gig at SXSW (South By Southwest Festivals) in Austin, TX on March 17. I have had some interesting conversations via email with Davies part-time employee and possible identical twin, Joey Oglesby. I hope to report on an interview with … Continue reading “Donnie Davies gets a gig”

Donnie Davies & Joey Oglesby: Together at last

They meet!. I believe that my original theory should be revisited. If you are still interested in this bizarre story, you should go check out the link quickly because it was on YouTube once for a few hours and then pulled. If you aren’t that interested, then you might be annoyed, disappointed, upset or worse. … Continue reading “Donnie Davies & Joey Oglesby: Together at last”

Has the real Donnie Davies finally stood up?

This email purports to speak for the “real” Donnie Davies (is it you Joey?) with the low down on the whole gig. Thanks to “arlopop,” a commenter here for this link. UPDATE: 2/9/07 – Early today, this YouTube video showed up with a “hot tub interview” of the Donnie Davies crew. I am not enbedding … Continue reading “Has the real Donnie Davies finally stood up?”

Donnies Davies Update

This morning, SOVO covers the ongoing antics of Donnie Davies. In related news, Donnie Davies has a sweet, new retro look about his websites today. I have exchanged several YouTube grams with Donnie and he continues to insist he is not the “twin” of Mr. Oglesby. In our 1/29/07, unverified WTF report on this blog, … Continue reading “Donnies Davies Update”

Donnie Davies and Joey Oglesby: Long lost twins?

A Weirder than Fiction Exclusive… Dallas, Tx (WTF) – A touching and bittersweet reunion was held here today in Dallas between local actor, Joey Oglesby, and recently famous Internet musician and youth pastor, Donnie Davies. Mr. Davies and Mr. Oglesby believe they are identical twins separated at birth and have lived in the same state … Continue reading “Donnie Davies and Joey Oglesby: Long lost twins?”

Donnie Davies: Archie Bunker reincarnated?

While Donnie mania may be giving way to some Donnie fatigue, I continue to be interested in it for several reasons. One is the I teach social psychology and I am fascinated by the types of events and messages that persuade and capture the attention of groups of people. I showed The Bible Says video … Continue reading “Donnie Davies: Archie Bunker reincarnated?”

Team Donnie Davies responds to email

Yesterday, I sent an email from the LoveGodsWay website using their email link( I received an email this morning from Shane in response (and then a follow up at the end of this post): Warren, I am sorry for the delay. Donnie has been swamped with work and all this other stuff as well. I … Continue reading “Team Donnie Davies responds to email”

My Space: A place for friends but not Donnie Davies’ videos

Well, add MySpace to the list of sites rejecting poor Donnie Davies. All his videos are down on that site now, which explains the blank screen on the 1/24/06 post. You can see (for now) Mr. Davies newest effort on You Tube. And then my attempt at sermonizing… UPDATE: 1/26/07 – Several bloggers have a … Continue reading “My Space: A place for friends but not Donnie Davies’ videos”