Music video of the week: Switchfoot – Dirty Second Hands

Well, I have decided, after listening to Switchfoot’s new CD, Oh Gravity!, the band is the official rock band of this blog. Here is a YouTube user made video of the song, Dirty Second Hands. Musically it is one of my favorites from the CD but lyrically, it is a bit harder to grasp. Gladly, Jon Foreman provides his thumbnail program to the meaning behind the tunes.

Music video of the week: Coldplay – God Put a Smile on Your Face

It was a musical Christmas around our place with lots of new music trading hands. Along with Switchfoot, Relient K, and Stellar Kart, Coldplay was prominent in the CD player with haunting melodies and mostly obscure lyrics. Most of the tunes are like Rorschach blots for listeners and some hear hope and some melancholy. I prefer to take this one literally.