What Happened to Eric Metaxas? We May Finally Find Out!

Tomorrow, I will post an interview with former King’s College president Gregory Thornbury. Thornbury who is friends with Eric Metaxas offers a theory about why Metaxas has turned into a Trumpist. Watch: Come back tomorrow to wthrockmorton.com for the rest of the interview with Greg. We take on Trumpism, Christian celebrity, and court evangelicals. It … Continue reading “What Happened to Eric Metaxas? We May Finally Find Out!”

The Veggie Tale Guy Checks Eric Metaxas on Bonhoeffer

This tweet from Veggie Tale creator Phil Vischer is wise and powerful. Eric, I love you, but your own book talks about Bonhoeffer's deep concern for the plight of blacks in America. I'm pretty sure if he showed up right now he'd be talking about more than just abortion and the "evil left." https://t.co/oBM7wDbOd8 — … Continue reading “The Veggie Tale Guy Checks Eric Metaxas on Bonhoeffer”

Eric Metaxas Brings Back Katie “WhiteLivesMatter” Hopkins

The timing is key. In the midst of the worst racial unrest in the United States since the late 1960s, Eric Metaxas today hosted white nationalist apologist Katie Hopkins.  Her tweet today is representative of what Metaxas is promoting on his show. I stand by every word. #WhiteLivesMatter https://t.co/zGqwCgHvxI — Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) June 3, … Continue reading “Eric Metaxas Brings Back Katie “WhiteLivesMatter” Hopkins”

Eric Metaxas Uncritically Features Anti-Vaccine Proponent

Eric Metaxas has been in the hot seat lately due to his race baiting tweet in response to Joe Biden (see this post for that story). However, there is something else that in times past would relegate Metaxas to the fringe. On his radio show last week, he gave 36 minutes to Kent Heckenlively, the … Continue reading “Eric Metaxas Uncritically Features Anti-Vaccine Proponent”

Eric Metaxas Goes Twitter Blackface (UPDATED)

Let me just get to the point. Here Eric Metaxas’ most recent contribution to his Christian witness. Metaxas was reacting to Joe Biden’s comments about conservative African-Americans not being black. Biden’s point was not well stated and he apologized for it today. The fact that Biden was out of line with his comment is no … Continue reading “Eric Metaxas Goes Twitter Blackface (UPDATED)”

Eric Metaxas Claims Trump Spoke Hyperbolically About Having Total Authority

Yesterday, Donald Trump told reporters in the daily Coronavirus briefing that the president has total authority to open the states for business. Listen: TRUMP: "The federal government has absolute power. It has the power. As to whether or not I'll use that power — we'll see … I have an absolute right." pic.twitter.com/76wPDK1GPe — Aaron … Continue reading “Eric Metaxas Claims Trump Spoke Hyperbolically About Having Total Authority”

Eric Metaxas Finds His Moral Whisper About Harassment Claims Against Mike Bloomberg

Oh I see how it is. Mike Bloomberg’s past harassment allegations get some press and Eric Metaxas finds his moral concern. Whoa. https://t.co/VFKKBVKY0C — Eric Metaxas (@ericmetaxas) February 16, 2020 I don’t think this was “whoa” as in “whoa, he is as much of a louse as Trump, maybe I should support him too.” I … Continue reading “Eric Metaxas Finds His Moral Whisper About Harassment Claims Against Mike Bloomberg”

Eric Metaxas Thinks He Saved Bonhoeffer from the Cultural Marxists

David Barton (Left); Eric Metaxas (Right) Although this is entirely predictable, I want to preserve the moment. Eric Metaxas believes he saved Bonhoeffer’s legacy from the cultural Marxist academics who study Bonhoeffer for a living. The culturally marxist academics who hijacked Bonhoeffer’s legacy for fifty years — until the 2009 publication of my biography — … Continue reading “Eric Metaxas Thinks He Saved Bonhoeffer from the Cultural Marxists”

Eric Metaxas’ Christian Case Against the Constitution

David Barton (left); Eric Metaxas (right) Yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, Eric Metaxas was allowed to opine on what he called “The Christian Case for Trump.” In essence, he argued that Trump’s failings don’t matter as long as Trump opposes abortion and supports religious liberty for Christians. I argue in response that there is … Continue reading “Eric Metaxas’ Christian Case Against the Constitution”

About Eric Metaxas’ Tattooed Pilot

In a 12/20 interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN, Eric Metaxas was asked how he can support Trump given Trump’s actions. Watch: Metaxas wants us to think Trump is just a naughty president with his bad language and womanizing. Here’s the thing; I don’t care if Trump has tattoos. I really don’t care that much … Continue reading “About Eric Metaxas’ Tattooed Pilot”