K-LOVE First Promises Answer to Listener about Executive Compensation Then Fails to Follow Through

Back in May of this year, I published information about the finances of radio giant K-LOVE’s CEO and other executives. Several K-LOVE listeners who also read the blog thanked me for the information and also contacted K-LOVE to ask why the CEO made so much and why K-LOVE represented their financial picture as being precarious.
One couple, Bill and Sandra Ford, was promised a reply from K-LOVE. First, here is the Ford’s letter followed by K-LOVE’s reply.

From: Bill Ford [mailto:wxxxxxx@xxxxx.com]
TO: President@klove.com
Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2016 11:01 PM
Subject: Mike Novak’s pay (KLOVE Comments, General Questions)

Dear Klove,  I’m writing you today due to a recent discovery. I recently found out that Mike Novak’s compensation is over five hundred thousand dollars a year. This is completely inappropriate for a man who is paid by people sacrificially giving each month. How can you go on the radio during pledge drives and ask people to support the ministry when the president is making more money than many medical doctors?  For years my wife and I supported a Christian/Jewish ministry until we found out that the head/founder of they ministry makes over a million dollars a year-disgusting when you consider where you think your money is going, and where it is going in reality. Please pray about this.
Bill Ford, RN

K-LOVE’s reply:

From: President – KLOVE President@klove.com

Date: May 3, 2016 at 3:10:59 PM PDT
To: “‘wxxxxxxx@xxxxx.com'” <wxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com>
Subject: RE: Mike Novak’s pay (KLOVE Comments, General Questions)

Dear Bill,

Thank you for reaching out with your concerns about the KLOVE pledge drive and specifically the salary for our CEO. Due to the nature of your concerns, your email has been forwarded to the chairman of our board, Mr. Darrell Chambliss. He will be responding as quickly as he is able.
We do appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. Please let me know if you do not receive a response after two weeks. I do not know Mr. Chambliss’ schedule so am not sure what his time-table will be, but will follow-up if needed.
Have a blessed day!
Jill Graves
Correspondence Assistant to the President

Mr. Ford never heard from Ms. Graves or anyone from K-LOVE. Ford contacted me and gave me permission to approach K-LOVE with his correspondence. I told K-LOVE that I hoped they would answered Mr. Ford and that via the email I requested an on-the-record to his questions justifying the CEO’s compensation. Mr. Ford wrote a second time in June and I wrote to K-LOVE on June 30. To date, no one from K-LOVE has replied.
Mr. Ford told me that he is very dismayed with the stonewalling and is considering other giving options. I don’t blame him.
I predict that K-LOVE will not reply to these inquiries until major media attention comes their way. It now seems clear to me that K-LOVE’s leaders plan to avoid issues raised by listeners and will pursue business as usual as long as a majority of listeners allow it. If you feel so inclined as a K-LOVE listener, you can use the contact information above to contact the station with your questions.

GOP Platform Members: What Happened to Arms Help for Ukraine?

This WaPo article said Trump intervened in one issue during the week of putting together the GOP platform: Ukraine.
Specifically, the Trump camp did not want the platform to call for providing arms to Ukraine to defend themselves against Russian aggression.
Most conservatives want to help defend Ukraine. Why doesn’t Trump? Perhaps, his advisors and his own view of the world is that Putin isn’t a threat or that Ukraine isn’t our problem.
Ukraine watchers are worried and I believe Trump supporters among the committee should provide an explanation for their vote.

Eric Metaxas: I Just Love David Barton and His Work

Maybe because it is so hard to believe after all of the 2012 events, I post this to reinforce what I posted yesterday.

You remember 2012 right? American University prof and author Jay Richards recruited 10 Christian historians to read David Barton’s book on Thomas Jefferson (The Jefferson Lies, the one just recommended by Metaxas) and then read my book with Michael Coulter Getting Jefferson Right which was a response to Barton’s. Richards asked those scholars to render a verdict about the accuracy of the books and our book came out on top. Do you recall that Thomas Nelson heard from critics of Barton’s book and did their own review? Then after the review by the 10 scholars and the publisher, Thomas Nelson announced that it was pulling the book from the shelves due to historical inaccuracies. Remember that historian Thomas Kidd documented all of this for World magazine? All of that happened.
More recently, George Marsden rendered an opinion on Barton’s book versus ours and concluded that we exposed Barton’s “many inaccuracies.
From the notes I am getting, Metaxas’ homage to Barton is surprising a lot of people.

Eric Metaxas Used David Barton's Work to Help Him Write His New Book "If You Can Keep It" (AUDIO)

Even though Eric Metaxas didn’t footnote him, he said on his radio show today that he used David Barton’s work to help him with history for his new book, If You Can Keep It. He lauded Barton’s historical work as helping him understand the Christian foundations of the nation.
This explains a lot, including his smug reaction to actual historians who have exposed the problems in his new book.  Barton didn’t spend much time trying to defend errors until his brand was threatened. Now that WorldNetDaily Press has republished his book The Jefferson Lies, Barton accuses his critics, including evangelical scholars, of being liberals.
At the end of the segment, Metaxas said he had critics in common with Barton and again seemed surprised that his work had been critiqued. Both Barton and Metaxas dismissed the critics as those who don’t like their conclusions about America. Metaxas said he took pride in the critiques but knew he was right. Listen:

I think many people will be surprised at homage Metaxas paid to Barton. Metaxas seemed genuinely impressed with what Barton had to say and with his work overall. This is amazing to me because quite a few distinguished Christian historians have been vocal and prolific in their negative assessment of Barton’s work. Metaxas claims his recent critics have nitpicked and written whole essays about minor things.
Barton chimed and said that his critics never tells readers to go read the entire context. This, of course, is a bold faced lie. At least in my critiques, I link to Barton’s sources and link to the primary sources so readers can make up their own minds.
At the end, setting aside publisher Thomas Nelson, scholar Jay Richards, and numerous Christian historians, Metaxas recommended Barton’s The Jefferson Lies to his audience.
For more on the controversy surrounding Metaxas’ new book, see the following sources:
John Fea’s series
Tracy McKensie’s blog
Gregg Frazer’s review
My article in the Daily Caller
My blog posts addressing the errors
The errors and problems pointed out via the above links are not minor. I challenge Eric Metaxas to invite one or more of us to discuss this with him on his show.
For more on David Barton’s The Jefferson Lies see this link.

Eric Metaxas Blows Off Historical Errors in His New Book

With Ann Coulter on his Monday radio show, Eric Metaxas seemed stunned that historians would critique his new book, If You Can Keep It. Coulter warned people that her new book would likely contain errors and Metaxas jumped off of that comment to complain that people have written essays about the errors in his book. Listen at 1:02:

He acknowledges that he got religious liberty in the colonial period wrong but implies he could change a sentence around to make it accurate. He glosses over his error by implying he only got it wrong in one sentence (not so, see this post). He also claims he is correct in his interpretation of John Winthrop’s “City of a Hill” speech. I think historians John Fea and Tracy McKenzie would enjoy hearing his defense.

Without naming him, Metaxas mentioned Fea’s six-part series critiquing the book. He seems amazed that his errors deserve scrutiny.

I am amazed that he is amazed.

The sorry state of books by Christian celebrities is illustrated by this exchange. Coulter and her publisher are going into print without sufficient fact-checking. Metaxas jumps right in and seems bewildered that Christian readers would expect that a book using history to make a case should be historically accurate.

Metaxas is happy to take the adulation of his readers who don’t know any better, but he is dismissive of those who point out reasonable critiques. On twitter, he has blocked me and several others who have brought these things to his attention. From this response, it seems to me that he doesn’t care that thousands of readers will need to unlearn the factual errors they have trusted in his book.

For more on the controversy surrounding Metaxas’ new book, see the following sources:
John Fea’s series
Tracy McKensie’s blog
Gregg Frazer’s review
My article in the Daily Caller
My blog posts addressing the errors

Republicans Divided from the Start, Security Kicks Out Press

When I said the vanguard of American fascism, I wasn’t far off. The RNC in partnership with Donald Trump is according to Sen. Mike Lee in “uncharted territory.”
Uncharted territory
Utah Senator Mike Lee commented that the disregard of rules is uncharted territory for the RNC. The press was kicked off the convention floor at one point as well.

Prior to Official Launch, Mark Driscoll's The Trinity Church Is on the Hook for $2.5 Million in Building Debt

Apparently Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church will pay nearly $2.5 million for the Glass and Garden Church in Scottsdale, AZ. Although appraised at about ten times that amount, the church is making payments to the church on two loans.
Read the Deed of Trust.
All of the details are not here, but it looks like the church may not have put much up front but instead has promised to pay the full amount over time to the owner. If the church defaults, the Glass and Garden Church take over. Part of the reduced price may be because the church may only have purchased the building and not all of the land originally a part of the lot.
Any The Trinity Church attenders reading here: Were you aware of this?

GOP Delegates Vote Down the Conscience Clause

Kendal Unruh’s conscience clause was voted down in the rules committee just now. The committee voted to bind the delegates and to refuse to allow delegates to vote their conscience. Now the committee is voting to bind the delegates to Rule 16. It looks like the stop Trump movement is about to go down in the rules committee. I don’t know what else is on the agenda of the anti-Trump movement but it doesn’t look good.
Rule GOP
To watch the debate, go here.
Unruh promises a floor fight.
The GOP died a little tonight.
The Delegates Unbound group released the following statement just a bit ago. No specific next step is identified. I have heard talk of a walk out and/or protest.

RNC Joins Forces With Trump To Rig The Nomination
Donald Trump is right: The Process Is Rigged 
(Cleveland, OH) July 14, 2016 – Delegates Unbound issued the following statement regarding today’s decision in the GOP convention Rules Committee to bind the delegates.
“This just proves that Donald Trump did not have the support of enough delegates to be the nominee,” said Delegates Unbound co-founder Dane Waters. “This act by the Rules Committee just highlights the hypocrisy of the RNC. “If the delegates were bound as the RNC claimed why vote to bind them?”
Delegates Unbound was formed to preserve the legacy of freedom in the Republican Party.
“The fight is far from over in Cleveland.” Delegates will not be denied ,” Waters added. 

Eric Metaxas Says His History of Religious Liberty Has Been Misrepresented

Responding to Rachel Held Evans on Twitter, Eric Metaxas claimed his position on religious liberty during colonial times has been misrepresented.

I’d like to know how his position has been misrepresented. Please, Mr. Metaxas enlighten us with passages from your book.  John Fea from Messiah College, Tracy McKenzie from Wheaton College and Greg Frazer from The Master’s College all represented you via passages from your book. Here are the passages we relied on.

For another, because of the religious disparity among them they had a deep and abiding respect for religious freedom and were well practiced in living with those who held different beliefs from their own.  (p. 10)
The founders, however, had quite another idea, based on their experience in the colonies over the decades before, where the idea of total religious freedom was paramount. They had already experienced this religious freedom as part of life in the American colonies. The very first settlers on American shores had left their lives behind precisely for this freedom. So the founders had observed something entirely different in America, something that had successfully operated for nearly a century: a complete tolerance of all denominations and religions, such that the people were not coerced to believe but could believe and worship precisely as they wished. (pp. 34-35)
Since the Pilgrims came to our shores in 1620, religious freedom and religious tolerance have been the single most important principle of American life. This was the genius at the heart of it all. But tragically this linchpin of American liberty has been more misunderstood in recent years than at any time in our existence. (p. 70)
So 124 years before the Constitution and 139 years before Jefferson’s famous letter to the Danbury Baptists, an American document was establishing this idea of religious liberty as sacrosanct, so to speak, as a central component of American freedom. (p. 72)
One of the main reasons the United States came into being was because people had left Europe, where this ‘establishment’ of religion was going on all the time and was manifestly monstrous and destructive to individual freedom. People’s lives were ruined if they didn’t choose the ‘right’ religion. The founders knew that the country they were hoping to live in must be nothing like that. Everyone must be free to decide what religion he would choose— and the government would not choose any religion. It would be impartial toward all of them. Indeed, because America was the place to which so many who were being persecuted for their religious beliefs in Europe repaired, it became a place where many Christian denominations lived cheek by jowl. The main thing was not that one belong to the right church but that all churches live in a way that upheld the common good. Simply put, the differences among the denominations were practically less important than their similarities. (pp.74-75)
Metaxas, Eric (2016-06-14). If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

When Metaxas spoke about Roger Williams, he did not include the fact that Williams was booted out of the Massachusetts colony due to Williams’ religious preaching. Yes, an American document established religious freedom, but Metaxas fails to explain that Williams had to run from the very people Metaxas claims championed religious freedom.