Letter From a Former Gospel for Asia Donor Asking GFA Leaders to Repent

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous gave nearly $90,000 to Gospel for Asia over the last four years (click to view redacted giving history). Recently, he evaluated his decision and stopped giving to GFA. Feeling burdened for the work GFA claims to do, the individual wrote this letter to GFA. I have the person’s permission to publish it and hope it will stimulate reflection at GFA and among remaining GFA supporters.

I’ve seen this coming from the beginning months ago, but I’m now more prayerfully convinced than ever that the Lord will continue to slowly, methodically, and systematically dismantle GFA *unless* there is full and complete repentance from KP and top leadership. What does this mean exactly? What *specific* actions does KP have to take to stop God’s increasing righteous wrath? It means KP will have to A) sell ALL the ‘for profit business’ stuff which was so deceptively and fraudulently acquired with donor funds, and start using this money from the sales and all other donated funds specifically for its donor-intended purposes precisely as advertised on the GFA websites, and B) no more hoarding massive cash reserves in banks for accumulating interest but send the vast majority of it to the mission field. It’s hundreds of millions of dollars which was donated for and belongs to the Lord’s work!
Also, no more false advertising, including, for example, $35/mo BOH child support when it’s really more like $10 or less being spent per child. So many more kids could have been impacted through the program. With dynamic financial growth in recent years, GFA has also had enough money to support at least 50,000 missionaries, but sadly, KP chose to support only 14,000 instead. The main focus is not on supporting missions but his denomination Believer’s Church of which he is the head, archbishop, titled the Metropolitan, “His Grace or His Eminence the Most Reverend” Dr. KP Yohannan. In fact, KP has a B.A. and the doctorate is only honorary and the religious title of archbishop has been ruled “invalid” because the two bishops from the Church of North India (CNI) who conducted KP’s ordination without Church consent were dismissed from the Church for doing so.
The Lord’s patience and mercy are being tried to the maximum. This unrepentance mocks the Lord. If KP and his wife and son as well as top leadership just continue to try to wait it out and “weather the storm” and tinker a little here and there with a few more relatively minor changes without dealing with the heart of the problem outlined above, then the bleeding will continue and the damage will not cease. KP cannot continue to mock and try God by keeping the massive palatial state-of-the-art hospitals, posh private schools, agricultural plantation, etc., all bought with donor money rather than having that money sent to save lost perishing souls and help the needy. I believe it will be very much like Moses and the Pharoah, and the “plagues” will not stop for KP but the Lord will continue to increase the pressure and it will just get worse and worse unless and until KP truly repents which means DRASTIC action as outlined above. If KP will just do these TWO things (above), then it will make the biggest difference in the world in God’s eyes and GFA may be saved rather than steadily and eventually become just a shadow, a skeleton of what it once was. Precious time has been lost. Time is of the essence now. Action must be taken quickly and decisively, and not to save face or personal reputation, but for the sake of the lost.
There is one more secondary but also important thing that must be changed both in the GFA offices and in Believer’s Church in Asia. The Lord did not appoint KP to a position of higher authority and power or to establish a denomination under his own name sustained by donor funds, nor to bribe others to appoint him to the title. Nor was this done with donor knowledge or consent. God appoints his shepherds to be godly, lowly and meek, yet wise spiritual protectors and guides. Not corrupt, lying, hypocritical, glory-seeking, and foolish. There are many who would now argue that even if KP once had an anointing, he has disqualified himself from the ministry through his many serious immoral and potentially criminal actions, becoming a wolf among the sheep. What’s more, God does not acknowledge so-called “spiritual leaders” seeking Pharisee-like admiration & reverence and power & authority for themselves, these so-called “right reverend fathers in God,” archbishops, or “venerable archdeacons”, whether they imitate Eastern Orthodox or any other man-made ordinances, including Hindu-like pagan practices like praying around a metal symbol or icon as BC members do. Truly, truly no. No, indeed, Apostle Paul knew nothing of these mere inventions of man. They are an abomination to the Lord. Such idolatry must not be practiced, and such a position of superiority is not to be given even to pastors and teachers, or to the wealthy and esteemed among believers, NO, but to servants, ay, and to slaves. “But Jesus called them to Himself and said, ‘You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great men exercise authority over them. It is not this way among you, but whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave.'” (Matthew 20:26-27).
But KP Yohannan has clearly and blatantly shown he wants to bypass all this and be venerated here on earth rather than wait for reward in heaven. He usurps the honour and authority that belongs only to Christ by having people bow to him and kiss his ring. Apostle Peter did not allow himself to be bowed to (Acts 10:25-26). Not even the angels allow themselves to be bowed to (Revelation 22:8-10).
But for those of us who wish to be servants of the gospel of Jesus Christ and not masters of special position and power or protestant popes of church denominations to receive the veneration of man which only Jesus the Head of the Church Himself has a right to: “Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.”
This is my third and final warning. I hope it will be heeded for the sake of GFA staff and for the sake of the lost in Asia — the good GFA work that some of the donor money is used for. Otherwise, if the Lord’s warnings continue to be ignored, then GFA will continue to go down. Our Lord will not tolerate being tried or mocked by disobedience and will reveal His power in even more awesome and frightening ways as He did with Israelites who warning after warning simply refused to repent. Our Lord loves KP and GFA workers too much to want to let this evil destroy GFA. Please KP, in the name of the Living God, for your own blessed sake and everyone else involved, I humbly desperately beg you, repent! genuinely REPENT!!

Interested readers, what do you think of these conditions? I suspect former staff might weigh in as well.


What You Need to Know About David Barton's New Edition of The Jefferson Lies (Press Release)

What You Need to Know About David Barton’s New Edition of The Jefferson Lies
Contact Warren Throckmorton, warrenthrockmorton@gmail.com
GROVE CITY, Penn., Jan. 13, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — Yesterday was the official release date of the second edition of “The Jefferson Lies” by Ted Cruz’s Super PAC coordinator David Barton. Published by World Net Daily, the second edition promises to answer Barton’s critics and restore Jefferson’s reputation.
However, there is much World Net Daily and Barton are not telling the public about the circumstances surrounding the new book.
In August 2012, Thomas Nelson confirmed that the first edition of “The Jefferson Lies” had been pulled from publication because the publisher “learned that there were some historical details included in the book that were not adequately supported.” Thomas Nelson stated that it was in “the best interest of our readers to stop the publication and distribution.”
Many of those historical details are addressed factually in “Getting Jefferson Right: Fact Checking Claims about Our Third President,” a 2012 book by Christian college professors Warren Throckmorton and Michael Coulter. With the release of the second edition of “The Jefferson Lies,” the fact checking in “Getting Jefferson Right” is more important than ever.
The new version of “The Jefferson Lies” contains an entire section in critical response to “Getting Jefferson Right.”
In his response, the first error Barton makes is to assert that “The Jefferson Lies” was pulled from publication due to attacks from liberals. However, critics Jay Richards. Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute and Gregg Frazer, professor of history at The Master’s College are not liberals. “Getting Jefferson Right’s” authors are not liberals. Many other conservative historians have also expressed negatives reviews of “The Jefferson Lies.”
Members of the media may contact Warren Throckmorton and Michael Coulter regarding the facts surrounding the removal of “The Jefferson Lies” from publication in 2012, the allegations of liberal bias now and the historical claims made in “The Jefferson Lies” about Jefferson’s life and work.
For more information, see Getting Jefferson Right.
“Anyone who reads  ‘Getting Jefferson Right’ must come to grips with the untruths and suspect historical interpretations that [David] Barton regularly peddles in his books, speaking engagements, and on his radio program.” — John Fea, Chair, History Department, Messiah College
Warren Throckmorton, PhD is Professor of Psychology and Michael Coulter, PhD is Professor of Political Science, both at Grove City College (PA)

Glenn Beck: "Liberal Bastards" Had David Barton's The Jefferson Lies Pulled from Shelves

Even though the book has been available on Amazon for over two weeks, yesterday was the official release of the second edition of The Jefferson Lies by David Barton. To promote the book, Glenn Beck was in typical hyperbolic mode throughout the day on his network. I caught some of the radio segment and watched Barton’s appearance on Beck’s afternoon television show. Prior to Barton’s television appearance, Beck introduced the segment by trashing me as a leftist psychology professor.
Earlier on his radio show, he went further and referred to the “liberal bastards” who got Barton’s book pulled from publication. Watch:
I have debunked idea that somehow Barton’s book fell victim to political correctness. Furthermore, to cast me as a leftist is laughable.

Cover of Getting Jefferson Right, used by permission
Cover of Getting Jefferson Right, used by permission

To read the book by Michael Coulter and I that addresses many of Barton’s Jefferson claim, see Getting Jefferson Right.

Gospel for Asia CEO K.P. Yohannan Dismisses Canadian Board Members; Former Director Seeks Government Investigation

Logo from GFA website

A former board member of Gospel for Asia Canada is alleging that he was illegally dismissed by board president and GFA International Director K.P. Yohannan. Garry Cluley asked the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) to investigate the recent dismissal of two Gospel for Asia Canada board members. In an alleged violation of GFA’s bylaws and Canadian law regarding charities, former Board member Garry Cluley was dismissed by Yohannan via letter dated December 8, 2015. In the letter (see below), Yohannan stated that Cluley’s term of service was up and he was being dismissed because “The Board needs to welcome the fresh perspective and ideas that new members can offer.” GFA’s bylaws nor Canadian law regarding charities provide for dismissal of a director without due process of board action. Cluley alleges that his dismissal was not allowed by law and occurred as he was asking for financial statements and GFA’s joint ministry agreement.
A time line of events was recorded in Cluley’s letter to the CRA:

I, Garry Cluley, became a board member in 2013.
Due to allegations of wrong-doing against our organization, in a board meeting held on July 17, 2015, I requested a copy of our joint-ministry agreement along with financial statements and   audits related to it.  I was assured that these would be given to me. (I had only recently become aware of their existence.  I was not informed of them when I became a board member and they were never mentioned at board meetings.)
Over three months went by without these documents being sent to me. On November 25th, December 2nd, and December 8th, I requested them again from the person in charge of the Canadian office, Pat Emerick.  On December 8th I phoned Pat and spoke again of the importance of me having the aforesaid documents. He agreed to send them.  To be sure, I followed the call with an email in which I said, in part:

I understand that you will be sending the joint ministry agreement and the audits and that you will be sending them by registered mail.  Again, thank you for your time, and for your work for God.

The next day, December 9th, I received a letter via email from KP Yohannan, the chairman of our board and president, informing me that I had been dismissed from the board.  A copy of the letter is attached.
KP Yohannan stated:
The board needs to welcome the fresh perspective and ideas that new members can offer
I have only been on the board for two years therefore the claim of a need for a “fresh perspective” seems disingenuous.  I believe that the true reason for his action is that he does not want me to see the joint-ministry agreement or their associated financial statements and audits.

The same day Cluley was told he would get the GFA documents, a letter dismissing Cluley was written by K.P. Yohannan.
That letter is below (see a pdf of it here).
Dismissal letter Cluley red
As Cluley noted, he had only been on the board since late 2013. Furthermore, the GFA Canada bylaws do not define a board member’s term. Cluley was not informed of any board action or meeting for the purpose of deciding his fate as a board member.
Although the CRA has not responded at this writing about the possibility of an investigation, the basis for a government inquiry appears sound. Based on the documents I have seen (more documents are available at the end of the post), it appears that Cluley attempted to fulfill his fiduciary responsibility as a board member by looking into allegations against GFA. He was stonewalled by his own organization and then when he refused to stand down, he was dismissed in apparent violation of GFA’s bylaws and Canadian law. I spoke with Cluley yesterday and he informed me that the remaining board member not named Yohannan told him there was no board meeting to dismiss the Cluley. It seems highly unlikely that a board meeting to dismiss Cluley took place. On December 8, Cluley was promised documents by Canadian director Pat Emerick and then also on December 8, a letter was prepared by K.P. Yohannan dismissing Cluley from the board.
Cluley has also contacted GFA’s U.S. board of directors regarding his dismissal with no reply from them.
I call on GFA to explain why Garry Cluley and Rob Thiessen were dismissed and to provide a legal basis for the action.
More information:
Gospel for Asia Canada Bylaws, formative documents and Canadian regulations. — As Cluley noted in his letter to the CRA, there is no bylaw 4.02 in the bylaws. Nothing in the Canadian law nor in the bylaws allow the removal of a board member the way K.P. Yohannan did it.
Memo from Garry Cluley to the US Board – The US board is sitting on their hands without comment or response to Cluley about this allegedly illegal action.

Young Life Apologizes for Ed Cash's Spontaneous Appearance On Stage at Orlando Conference

Ed Cash, prominent Nashville Christian music producer and a former leader in the mind-control group The Gathering, was not supposed to appear on stage at last week’s Young Life conference. According to Young Life’s Director of Communications Terry Swenson, Cash spontaneously and without the endorsement of Young Life joined David Crowder during a performance on stage. On behalf of Young Life, Swenson said he was sorry to family members who have loved ones in The Gathering.
The Gathering was once the religious home of Cash, best known for co-authoring “How Great is Our God.” On December 30, 2015, Cash and his brother Scott Cash posted a letter on their website proclaiming that they had left The Gathering.  In the light of that letter, many family members and ex-members expressed hoped that Ed Cash would contact them or their loved ones still in The Gathering to urge them to leave or to reconcile with families due to his prior support. According to some parents and siblings I spoke with, Cash was involved and aware of Jolley’s command to some members to cut off contact with their family outside of The Gathering. Cash has not replied to several questions I have posed regarding his current relationship to The Gathering.
Young Life is involved because Ed Cash has led worship at their annual conferences in the past but was asked not to do so this year. Instead, the Cash brothers were invited as guests with the provision that they would not participate upfront in the conference. However, Ed Cash joined David Crowder onstage during a worship set/concert and performed briefly.
Through a source related to a current member of The Gathering, I have learned that Young Life responded to Cash’s appearance and provided the following statement from Terry Swenson, Director of Communications:

I do want you to know the circumstances that led to Ed Cash’s appearance on stage Wednesday night. First, what we communicated earlier about the Cash brothers’ presence at the Celebration was and remains true: they have no on stage role and are absolutely not “featured,” as was unfortunately communicated. They were guests in the audience and, to our complete surprise and without our endorsement, David Crowder invited Ed on stage. This was not planned and we don’t take what happened lightly. We understand the hurt this has stirred and I’m sorry for that!

Mr. Swenson confirmed this statement later this morning.

David Barton, John Locke's Two Treatises, and the Real Reason Thomas Nelson Pulled the Jefferson Lies

Cover of Getting Jefferson Right, used by permission
Cover of Getting Jefferson Right, used by permission

This post is inside baseball for those who are keeping up with the controversy surrounding David Barton’s history writing.
One of David Barton’s frequent claims is that John Locke referred to the Bible 1500 times in his Two Treatise on Government. He said this to a Ukrainian audience and claimed it again in his new edition of The Jefferson Lies. From the new edition:

And in his Two Treatises of Government (1689 – a work about the proper role of government that was openly praised by Jefferson and other Founders39), Locke invoked the Bible over 1,500 times.
Barton, David (2015-12-22). The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You’ve Always Believed About Thomas Jefferson (Kindle Locations 1766-1768). WND Books. Kindle Edition.

Barton’s footnote on this point reads:

John Locke, Two Treatises of Government (London: Awnsham & Churchill, 1689), passim; the number of verses was documented by the author’s staff, in individually identifying and counting the Bible verses in this work.
Barton, David (2015-12-22). The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You’ve Always Believed About Thomas Jefferson (Kindle Locations 5811-5812). WND Books. Kindle Edition.

In a previous post, I asked Locke scholar Greg Forster to evaluate this claim. Forster declared it to be completely false. In fact, Locke did not refer to the Bible 1500 separate times nor did he invoke 1500 Bible verses, as Barton sometimes claims. Apparently, Barton’ staff had to count all 900+ verses from the books of Proverbs to get to 1500. See this prior post for what it appears Barton had to do to get to the 1500 number. It should be clear that Barton’s claim is wildly inflated.
While this is one small fact claim, it is indicative of the real reason Thomas Nelson pulled The Jefferson Lies from publication. This same error was in the first edition as well. There are many such exaggerations and errors in The Jefferson Lies. Taken individually, many aren’t vital to the points Barton attempts to validate. However, taken together, they make the book unreliable.

Upon Hearing of David Barton's New Television Venture…

Twitter said:

foundationsfreeTBNHere is the press release for Barton’s new TBN dramatization.
Oh and here’s the trailer:

Office of Personnel Management Sanctions Gospel for Asia, Bans GFA from Combined Federal Campaign

Used by permission, OPM, CFC website

Gospel for Asia, the second largest mission organization in the U.S., has been sanctioned by the Office of Personnel Management for lack of compliance with charity guidelines and banned from participation in the 2016 federal charity campaign.
In October 2015, the Office of Personnel Management received complaints from former donors and other observers regarding Gospel for Asia’s compliance with OPM guidelines for participation in the Combined Federal Campaign. The CFC involving federal workers is one of the largest workplace fund raising campaigns on the planet. At that point, OPM began an investigation that led to a December 2015 warning of possible sanctions on GFA’s ability to participate in the campaign.
Late yesterday, I learned that the OPM decided to sanction GFA for lack of compliance with OPM guidelines. According to a spokesperson from the OPM’s Office of Communications, “the Gospel of Asia charity has been sanctioned and will no longer be affiliated with the Combined Federal Campaign for the 2014 and 2015 campaigns.” 
Furthermore, according to the OPM spokesperson, “GFA is banned from the CFC for one year, then they will need to reapply.”
The sanctions appear to be the strongest allowed by law.
Not only will GFA not be allowed to participate in the 2016 campaign, they will not receive funds currently deducted from employee paychecks still outstanding from the 2015 and 2014 campaigns. Federal workers who pledged to GFA in 2015 will be contacted and allowed to redirect their pledges to other approved charities.
According to an OPM spokesperson, allotments to GFA were still coming out of employees pay checks in 2015 for pledges made at the end of 2014. Those funds have not yet been delivered to GFA. The OPM spokesperson said, “OPM directed campaigns and the federation to cease making further payments to them and discontinue processing pledges made to them at the end of 2015 that would have started being withheld from employees checks staring this pay period for the 2015 period that just closed.”
OPM told local and regional groups like Christian Charities USA to “cease making further payments” to GFA and to stop processing any employee pledges. Independent Charities of America and the related group Christian Charities USA had already denied membership to GFA for 2016 because GFA failed to provide an audited statement.
According to the most recent 990 form filed by Christian Charities USA, GFA received just over $150,000 from federal workers through CCUSA in 2013.
OPM guidelines require an independent board of directors, clean financial audit, and truthful communications about the use of donations. Upon scrutiny by the OPM, GFA did not comply.
In early October, GFA was terminated from membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability for similar violations of standards. The report issued by ECFA was made public by former board member Gayle Erwin in early December and contains numerous concerns and indications of financial mismanagement.

Ted Cruz and Christian Astroturf

From tedcruz.org, campaign website
From tedcruz.org, campaign website

World‘s J.C. Derrick has an interesting article out today on the reaction of some evangelicals to the growing media narrative that Ted Cruz has the evangelical vote locked up. Not so, says Sam Rodriguez, Rick Warren and Jim Daly.
What really caught my eye was Derrick’s citation of a National Review article which detailed how a group of evangelical leaders met behind closed doors and voted until over 75% voted for the same GOP candidate. Ted Cruz eventually won out over Marco Rubio. The group, led by Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, gave some thought to how to roll out the consensus. According to NR,

Cruz this week surged to the top of several polls in conservative-friendly Iowa, and a string of soon-to-come endorsements should only help to cement that standing. A decision was made before the vote that members would roll out their endorsements individually rather than issuing a collective statement. This approach, they decided, would help create a perception that the conservative movement was uniting behind a candidate organically while dispelling images of political horse-trading occurring inside smoke-filled rooms.

While there probably wasn’t smoke, there was political maneuvering behind closed doors. If this NR piece is accurate, the good Christians in the room decided to make up a reality so it wouldn’t look like what it was. The insiders decided to roll out the endorsements gradually as if they came via some natural and spontaneous groundswell of support and good will for Cruz. Sounds like astroturf to me.
Now, finally, other evangelicals are coming forward to say those endorsers don’t speak for all of us. This is good.
I am looking for a candidate who has ideas I can get behind about how to keep us safe, keep our economy healthy, protect our rights and work with Congress. We are going to elect a president not a pastor.

Dear Fred Clark: Thanks But I Think John Fea and I Are in Good Shape

Fellow Patheos blogger Fred Clark (Slacktivist) is worried for Messiah College prof John Fea and me. He says:

But I’m worried for both of them. Specifically, I’m worried because this is an election year and that means that the ever-shifting goalposts of the white evangelical tribal gatekeepers may well shift between now and November. Depending on the outcome of the upcoming Republican presidential primary races, the bounds of theological acceptability could shift in such a way that both of these fine professors may end up on the outside looking in.

I like Fred and appreciate his blog so his post deserves attention and I encourage you to read it. I appreciate his kind words and positive assessment of my work here.
He’s worried because Ted Cruz is doing well in the polls. Cruz is supported in no small way by David Barton. Barton appears to be Cruz’s evangelical endorsement broker and runs one of Cruz’s Super PACs. Both John and I have written in honest terms about Barton’s revisions of American history as well as his problems with more current events (e.g., Barton’s claim that Obama’s administration has not prosecuted child porn).
Fred thinks we may be in some jeopardy since we both teach at conservative Christian schools. I sincerely appreciate his concern. In a day when Wheaton College is moving against a tenured professor for her religious beliefs, I guess it looks like anything can happen.

From http://www.patheos.com/blogs/slacktivist

Fea thinks he is ok, and I suspect he is right. I feel pretty confident that I am in good shape as well. I am not a stranger to efforts to silence me by pressuring my employer, it has happened on more than one occasion before, coming from both the far right and the left. Grove City College’s leadership has leaned on academic freedom as a value and I keep on writing. While I take nothing for granted, I have appreciated GCC’s stance on these matters through the years.
Leaving aside our employers, I think Clark sees something real when he discusses “the ever-shifting goalposts of the white evangelical tribal gatekeepers.” A Cruz win would shift the party dramatically toward the Christian dominionist view of the world. Although I consider myself generally conservative, many in the far right consider me to be a moderate. I honestly think Ronald Reagan would be considered a moderate in today’s GOP.
Having said that, I think John and I are fine. I have already gone on record as saying Cruz isn’t a good choice for the GOP. I will say that even if he turns out to be the GOP’s choice.
And besides, if something does happen and I have to start another life, Clark says I have potential to make a switch:

Throckmorton can be a tenacious pitbull when he sniffs out a story. Check out his ongoing series examining financial irregularities at the mission agency Gospel for Asia — it’s an impressive, dogged pursuit of answers to important questions. In another life, Throckmorton would have made a fearsome investigative journalist.

I could start by investigating why Ted Cruz appeared at an event coordinated by his Super PAC, especially when the event seemed designed to collect and schedule candidate endorsements.